Why You Should Research Before Buying a Shower Head

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are buying them online or in a brick and mortar store. Before you go searching for a shower head, it’s important that you know there are variables come into play with a shower head success in any given shower.

Selecting the best shower head is not a walk in the park; it doesn’t revolve around looking for the newest, neither does it revolve around getting eco-friendly shower head models.

Scientists, as well as ordinary people, will confirm that the best shower is dependent on the following aspects;

•      The water pressure

•      Personal particularities

•      The shower’s size and plumbing settings

Kindly note; when shopping for an excellent shower head, water conservation isn’t a point you should focus on too much. Showers heads sold today are already configured to conserve water. Below we Look at the things to research for before acquiring a shower head.

What Type of Shower Head Suits You?

Shower heads are sold under two categories; Fixed and had shower heads. The most common type is the fixed/mounted shower head. However, as many that have used one will attest; a hand shower is slightly better than a mounted head, more info: perfectshowerhead.com

The hand shower offers versatility and flexible movement making it easy to clean your feet and the bathtub. The hand shower can as well be set in a cradle that allows it to perform in a similar fashion as a fixed shower head.

Height Length

If there will be more than just one individual using the shower, a fixed shower should be set in a position that will be comfortable for the tallest person.

Inspect The Spray Patterns

The spray patterns are an important aspect. Spray patterns determine the comfort level of the shower. Naturally; spray patterns differ in variety; there are full-body show spray patterns, and more intense massage style shower spray that are configured to shoot pulsating jets of water.

We remind you that various shower heads have numerous spraying options, check to see that the model you want has a spray and adjusting handle function.

Water Volume

Water capacity is dependent on the type of shower head. For an ordinary household, the recommended head churns out 2.5 gallons of water every minute it’s in use. The amount of water is also dependent on the size of the pipes.

If you have a larger shower system that moves a higher volume of water, three-quarter-inch pipes will suffice.

Extra Advantages of a Hand Held Shower Head It goes without saying that a handheld shower head has more benefits than a mounted head. Below is a summary of the added advantages of a handheld shower head:

•      The hand held head is handy, flexible, durable and convenient; suing this type of a shower head you will not need to strike certain poses to wash the areas that water from a mounted head will not reach

•      A hand held head has massage capabilities since the water will be hitting your body from close range

•      A little-known fact is; a handheld shower helps soothe sore muscles, thanks to the direct and close contact with the hot/warm water

•      A hand held shower head is also sold with full body spray attachments