Honeywell Thermostats The Best of the Best

In today’s high-tech world, home automation is all the rage. Being able to monitor devices from away from home and having appliances that can practically run themselves is the becoming the norm. What every well-connected home needs is a Smart thermostat. These new thermostats are a great way to save energy and make life simpler.

There are many brands of smart thermostats on the market. However, two of the best are made by Honeywell. The sleek look of the Honeywell thermostat has made this a favorite in homes everywhere. Their smart thermostats are particularly popular. Every connected home should invest in a smart thermostat for a number of reasons. They are easy to use, they save energy and they make life more comfortable.Honeywell has made outstanding thermostats for ages,two of their most popular Smart thermostats beingthe Lyric Thermostat and the Prestige 2.0 Comfort System. Here is a rundown on each one and how they stack up against each other:

The Honeywell Lyric is a Smart thermostat with a lot to offer. Its attractive with its big, easy to read display on the front that tells you the current temperature, but that’s not all it does. It offers some unique features as well, such as:

If it senses motion in the room, the display will light up.

It, too, can adjust the temperature every time you come home or leave, and it does it by tracking the location of your cell phone. It calls this Geofencing. This way it not only knows when someone is near the thermostat, but also when anyone moves room to room or leaves the house altogether. This way, it adjusts everything in sync with your ever-changing schedule.

*Lyric can be controlled away from home using your cell phone, so you can turn the heat up or down as you wish.

*It can sense the humidity in the air and adjust the temperature accordingly.

*You can create shortcuts on your phone enabling you to monitor and adjust your Lyric thermostat at the touch of a button.

*Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. You don’t need a professional to install this one. Installation instructions come via an app on your phone, PDF download or video on its website.

*There are not many cons to the Lyric, but one is that it’s tracking feature means that everyone who lives in the home would have to own a smart phone and that’s not always the case.

The Prestige 2.0 Comfort System is a customizable Smart thermostat with the option to change the display color to match your décor. Here’s what else the Prestige brings to the table:

*It ‘interviews’ when you program it. Yes, it asks you questions and programs itself according to your answers.

*Connect it to your phone, tablet or PC to monitor and adjust it from anywhere you happen to be.

*It tells you the outdoor temperature as well as the indoor temp.

*Comes with a Portable Comfort Control; a remote that lets you adjust the thermostat from anywhere in the home.

*Measures indoor humidity and adjusts itself accordingly.

*You can set it according to your daily schedule even if your schedule changes every day of the week, for up to 7 days.

*Alerts to ‘peak times’ by lowering the setting at times of the day when utility prices are their highest to help save you money.

*Helps control the quality of the air in your home with its air filtration, humidifying and dehumidifying features.

The Prestige 2.0 Comfort System does it all. It’s almost like having another human being living in your house. The downside to this one is that it needs to be professionally installed.